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My cousins were killed over alledged marijuana theft in the early 1980’s. I was 4 years old and nosey. The months long search for bodies and justice would take credit for my diagnosis of PTSD more than 20 years later.

Hi I’m Cachet, I’ll tell you my nickname if you promise to never write it!!! My name is just another part of life that I’ve managed to complicate so don’t sweat it. Just call me chet and if we ever meet, I’d dare to say that, my bff would pay to see my face when I’m addressed as Chet. So after all that I have to say send me a message from the contact form and I’ll share how I pronounce chet. Now

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Not a Black and White Solution

Melissa and Mark have encountered a unique problem. Money and love plus sex often includes a solution that’s rarely chosen.


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