Time Heals

He moved out and I encouraged him to go. That's the truth and I hate it. I wanted to spend forever loving and caring together. That was supposed to be the plan. The truth of it all is complicated. I felt confused and even started get dizzy and sick to my stomach at times. I … Continue reading Time Heals


Finding something to do is easy. Getting my tail out the door to do it is part that I find difficult. Tomorrow, I am getting out and doing something for others. I have already confirmed my spot and am expected. I made my initial appointment for my recovery group this last week. My next appointment … Continue reading Accountability

My Best Friend

Pedro is my puppy. He is about 14 weeks old and weighs over 25 lbs. He's obviously part Australian Cattle Dog but his size suggests another bigger breed had to be involved. My best guess is a Rottweiler. Pedro immediately displayed many traits of a loyal and obedient pet. He has been good and only … Continue reading My Best Friend


Writing my autobiography and blogging are things that I have believed were my destined profession. In my defense I was high when I entered into that delusion. Now I am looking through clearer lenses and instead of trashing those dreams I am amending their purpose. I will write the book to share my experiences following … Continue reading Revisions