This One

He had a job and didn't tell me about it for over a month. He packed his things and moved out over a month ago. It's time to end this and stop laying my heart out for someone that has no intentions on ever reciprocating. My love is not conditional. I can love him and … Continue reading This One

Nothing New

I want to be strong and thrive. I have fought hard. Giving up on something that's killing me, is okay. He has been gone for three months. This is nothing new. I want to be all alone when I am alone. Talking to someone that chose to leave hurts. I can let my guard down, … Continue reading Nothing New

Learning to Trust Yourself After Gaslighting

This is the most comforting thing I’ve read in my search for answers.

Don't Lose Hope

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People experiencing gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and unable to trust themselves … Gaslighting often develops gradually, making it difficult for a person to detect.”[1]

Gaslighting occurs when there’s betrayal, abuse, or we’re living with a narcissistic partner or spouse.

Common symptoms of gaslighting include the following:

  • Feeling disoriented and confused; not knowing what is true and what isn’t true; questioning your understanding of reality; questioning your memory of events

  • Wondering if you’re crazy

  • Feeling anxious about making decisions, even very simple decisions

  • Constantly second guessing yourself; always wondering if ‘you got it wrong’

  • Constantly asking yourself if you are far are too thin-skinned and sensitive; feeling like you need to apologize all the time for who you are or what you say and do

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Finding something to do is easy. Getting my tail out the door to do it is part that I find difficult. Tomorrow, I am getting out and doing something for others. I have already confirmed my spot and am expected. I made my initial appointment for my recovery group this last week. My next appointment … Continue reading Accountability