Forced to Face Truth

I have my daughter here to take care of and my puppy. I do not need to entertain the self-pity of an addict. I do not need to indulge in the injustices of my situation. I think doing some things my way would have better results since I have no income to pay for it … Continue reading Forced to Face Truth

The Space Between Our Scars

The space between our scars was always meant to open up the light….. into our darkened fragments, never to leave us alone wondering. It was always light bending to make us whole. Poetry and Image Copyright © 2020 ancient skies Note: Influenced by Rumi but the poem is mine.The Space Between Our Scars

My Best Friend

Pedro is my puppy. He is about 14 weeks old and weighs over 25 lbs. He's obviously part Australian Cattle Dog but his size suggests another bigger breed had to be involved. My best guess is a Rottweiler. Pedro immediately displayed many traits of a loyal and obedient pet. He has been good and only … Continue reading My Best Friend


Writing my autobiography and blogging are things that I have believed were my destined profession. In my defense I was high when I entered into that delusion. Now I am looking through clearer lenses and instead of trashing those dreams I am amending their purpose. I will write the book to share my experiences following … Continue reading Revisions

I am ready

I am ready to get better results even if it means I have to make harder decisions. I am ready to be held accountable. I am ready to love and be loved. I am ready to live without vices. I am ready to be responsible. I am ready to communicate. I am ready for life.