Not a Black and White Solution

Who's cheating?
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After 8 years of being together, Mark is fed up with Melissa not being responsible. Melissa loves Mark and weird as it may seem she is even more in love with him since she found out his dirty little secret. How can he tell her its not over, he must committed to his needs.

That’s what he learned from the support group he’d found online.


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Mark and Melissa got together when she just got out of college and he just paid off his pick-up. They moved in together and both worked so hard they even got their debts paid off in 2 years and was able to get a loan for the beautiful home they shared. It was Melissa’s amazing idea she already knew she wanted this exact house before they met.

Her Magic

Melissa was so encouraging but in a real competitive way. So when Mark told her about his well mapped road to having his whip paid off and building his credit she actually mirrored it and tweaked her income up to pay off her college loans. They were almost inseparable besides work, he loved her zest. Even her language in bed was aggressive.

Damn it!!! He needs to focus, but Melissa does it for him too! Breathe and breath. It’s been stressful since Melissa lost her job. The pandemic hit and here a year later she’s still not employed. She’s depressed since she finished up on her dream design. Last week was the first time in 6 months she told him do that, or let him even see it.

She’s crying now

God dammit from Xena Warrior Princess to this, wtf? Mark can’t believe she just walked away in tears. He’d told her why he’d hired that escort. She’d come back an hour ago and told me cook dinner and she cried and whined through an apology. That was a double jab, he felt sorry for her and felt bad because he never wanted her to see him as inferior and he knew that’s how he looked.

To be continued…..

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