Forced to Face Truth

I have my daughter here to take care of and my puppy. I do not need to entertain the self-pity of an addict. I do not need to indulge in the injustices of my situation.

I think doing some things my way would have better results since I have no income to pay for it my opinion is dismissed. P1$$ on being passive and agreeable when I know better. Be kind Cachet.

I am so happy with the efforts I am making to be satisfied with the face in the mirror. I have been taking care of myself, my home, and even with my daughter here and the puppy to take care of I am managing the anxiety.

Staying on top of my self-care makes the difference in living and dying for me. One year ago I was miserable, the only thing worse than dying was thinking that some day my children may need me and I didn’t want to abandon them.

Tomorrow I do my assessment and I’m taking the advice I get and applying it. Not using is the easy part for now. Doing what is necessary to thrive isn’t clear to me anymore. I can find my way, I know that.

Getting to this point has been a long row to hoe. The one tool that has turned out to be the key to my progress is my journaling. I have a written record now and the longer I have made it available as a resource the more I have found value in its contribution to my security. Now I journal at least twice a week and I am able to keep myself accountable.

I am also making the most of my time spent online. It’s taken me six years but I have learned that blogging as a career choice is far less complicated than I have made it for sure. I does however take focus and direction. Even with that you are looking at taking on the roles of creator, influencer, marketer, webmaster, photographer, video editor, sound engineer, and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. (whatever that means to you)

Myself I just want to feel confident that my home is in order. That means that it is clean and tidy where I live and I appear and feel clean and tidy. Another important part of self-care and the areas I do not yet have a handle on is eating and sleeping in a manner that is consistent.

It’s tough to figure in any value to actually leaving my home and working for less than $15.00 an hour. Since, I have been made aware of the true inequality in our workforce I realize that may be too much to expect from my community. With that I am willing to settle for less but have no intention of surrendering hope in creating financial security.

If you read this far I hope you will leave a comment and like my post. If you want to be a troll that’s cool too. I think that would go to my head though, the only times I encountered a hater was during good times and they were jealous. (wink)

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