I’ve Been Here

Yesterday my husband took a trip to Iowa. I haven t heard from him since about 4 pm. He ignored my text I sent last night. His phone went straight to voicemail this morning.

I called his mother and of course he’s kept in touch with her.

He has a problem with finding my address listed on my blog.

He finally responded to my text this morning and I explained that is social media marketing. I made a Google business account using this blog.

I admit I have a compulsion to sign up for everything on the internet. I specifically will investigate if a business service is offering a free trial. I want to figure out how to have a successful business.

No I don’t have a service to offer.

No I don’t have a product for sale.

No I am not okay with being interrogated and at this point I have been accountable more than enough to expect the benefit of a doubt once in a while.

Real Life concerns

photo by me

Yesterday I wormed Pedro. I had forgot to set a reminder but managed to get it handled on time. My daughter is enjoying her visit and her laid back personality is refreshing. She just goes with the flow here. If there’s a problem we address the issue and find a solution.

The 3 of us went to bed pleased with each of the others. I woke up to the usual. Pedro was sitting by awaiting my response to the whining plea he’d sounded. We went out and he was quick about his business. It had just started to drizzle wet snow.

We have to spend a lot of time wrestling and loving on Pedro. He gets ready to play and will start pulling on the laces of shoes or the legs of our britches. He brings joy to my world. I can depend on him to love me unconditionally.

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