Writing my autobiography and blogging are things that I have believed were my destined profession. In my defense I was high when I entered into that delusion.

Now I am looking through clearer lenses and instead of trashing those dreams I am amending their purpose.

I will write the book to share my experiences following a traumatic event and how my extreme behavior was finally arrested. I believe that there are a lot of people stuck in the same viscous cycles of domestic violence and chemical dependence. I want to share how I learned to be accountable and recognize signs of danger which allowed me to eventually find hope.

I want to keep blogging because its such a challenge for me. From creating a page to publishing posts I have struggled. It took me an entire year to create my first satisfactory website on here. Now, I’ve got the basics and am facing the consequences of numbing my senses as I am having problems with basic sentence and paragraph structure.

I want to eventually be part of a team that produces a successful blog. I no longer believe I can do this alone. While I am able to learn just about anything I don’t think I have enough content to contribute on my own. Let alone master SEO and create esthetic appeal.

I think it’s okay to admit that I once believe I have a story that could make me a little money. I thinks it’s okay to continue blogging after I have found it beyond my ability’s.

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