My Best Friend

Pedro is my puppy. He is about 14 weeks old and weighs over 25 lbs. He’s obviously part Australian Cattle Dog but his size suggests another bigger breed had to be involved. My best guess is a Rottweiler.

Pedro immediately displayed many traits of a loyal and obedient pet. He has been good and only had a couple of incidents inside our apartment. I have rewarded good behavior with treats and he now comes to me most of the time when I call him.

I can see so much potential in this pup. He already brings the warmth of a loving soul and the comfort only a furry friend can bring. A silent presence with the complete acceptance.

I want a solid foundation

Pedro has been such a quick learner and I can see in his eyes he want’s to please me. I am confident in my affection as an owner but not my ability to train. I also have no idea how to properly socialize him. I hope that along the way achieving these tasks will be: stop humping legs lesson.

I can accept this is my purpose for now.

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