I plan on being happy

I already have an idea of what I can do to be satisfied with myself. I want to successfully complete my out-patient drug and alcohol treatment program, continue with my current endeavors in creating an income from home, and get Pedro and myself into training.

Each of these provide a means to fulfilling my hopes of writing a biography that I could be proud of. I would like to be in a place to help others someday. My idea is to get on my own two feet and then help other individuals facing similar struggles to get help.

First thing is generating income from home. I need to take the necessary time and commit to the path I choose. No matter what, do the time online and become financially independent.

Also and equally important be an active participant in my recovery. Show up to the meetings and use the tools that I gather. My recovery is more than quitting the substances, it is also learning to make responsible contributions in society.

Another goal that is important is the proper care of my beloved Pedro. He is my 14 week old puppy. I found him at a flea market as I was on my way to look at 2 puppies I saw him and knew I’d found the pet that was destined to be with me. Now, he’s here and I’ve found will require more exercise than anticipated. I’ve found a place to enroll in and hope to begin after the first of the year.

If any of my subscribers care to reach out and offer words of support I am all ears.

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