Puppy Power

On Saturday my husband and I gave in to the gnawing aches for a fur baby. We had agreed it was time to open our home to satisfy our hearts. However, that was not the motive which led us to a local flea market. Our cousin (his side) was looking for cooking pan and we all agreed on a search of second hand sources.

We shopped and supported resale shops and garage sales before agreeing the flea market was worth the challenges of today’s large gathering’s. About 20 mins. in I got a video call from my husband. There he showed me some pit pups for adoption and I headed to check them out.

My mind was already set on taking home a puppy, when I crossed the busy street I knew I was taking one home. Safely across, I looked up and there was the prettiest blue heeler bitch. She was on a leash held by a man, standing next to a girl with a pup in her arms. I walked straight to them and asked them to go with me to talk to my husband.

Our favorite breed in tow I caught his eye at about 20 yards away and could tell he was explaining to the owner of the our love for heelers We exchanged little information about the puppy, after convincing the family of our understanding and qualifications.

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