Let’s Make a Plan

There’s no team so the planning party didn’t require any extra effort. My budget says “you can’t do this!!!”, so that’s been moved to a future date and will be reevaluated.

Here’s a tentative plan of action: Smile. Smile anyway. Leave this apartment by 10 each morning and find something to do for at least 2 hours. Continue smiling. When returning home take at least 30 mins to reflect and journal, paying attention to any moments my smile was maintained effortlessly. Make a phone call to a loved one each day between 3 and 8 minding anger by replacing moments of mouth arrest with “Bless your heart, oh no my pho……click”. Take a bath everyday and get plenty of sleep each night. Drink plenty of water and eat for nurture beware of passively snacking for comfort. Each day add a half hour of organizing clutter to my general tidying tasks.

Whew, DO NOT FORGET TO PRAY, each night before bed make a gratitude list. I almost left that out.

What can I expect from implementing this course of action,
self awareness

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I don't feel so good about myself lately and I know it's because I knew better but did it anyway. I'll tell you more after I make amends with myself.

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