Anger and Grief

I confess, I have an anger issue that needs my prompt and immediate attention.

I get offended and it begins, I expect an apology with adequate amends, when no amends are offered I become distant and bitter. If ever a living amends are made, I can accept it and anger gives way to forgiveness. Of course this specifically applies to my circle of influence. Being offended by strangers well that’s no longer an issue of mine as I choose to walk away when I can.

Now, how can this issue be resolved? It would help if no one offended me. However, my circle includes multiple individuals with a lot of opinions. Keeping my mouth shut, resolves nearly all potential anger issues, in fact my voice is a clear indicator of an issue arising. In any situation my mouth is seldom the solution.

So, I’m going to keep my mouth shut. I’m not answering any calls from the offender. I’m learning, again, the price of foolish choices. There’s so little left for me to contribute any good in this circumstance.

Note to self, I does me no good to stop “bumping my gums” and continue “bumping my thumbs”. I will not contact the offender by text or email.

This is Sunday September 27, 2020 and though my story continues part of me must be left behind. By letting go and moving on anger becomes grief and life goes on.

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I don't feel so good about myself lately and I know it's because I knew better but did it anyway. I'll tell you more after I make amends with myself.

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