Post- election awareness or not

If this dog didn't do it, I probably don't even care. I have spent an entire week in my home with my pup doing as little as possible. I did manage to create a Thanksgiving meal. Turkey (what's good)Home made cornbread dressinggiblet gravyrollsgreen casseroleyams ambrosia saladcheese piepecan pie I do have a task I am…

My First Poll Block

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✒️ Writers’ Wisdom ~ A Strategy for Story Writing

“When I write I pretend I’m telling a story to someone in the room and I don’t want them to get up until I’m finished.” ~ James Patterson✒️ Writers’ Wisdom ~ A Strategy for Story Writing

✒️ Writers’ Wisdom ~ Do You Love to Write?

“I love to write, so it rarely seems like work – even when it gets arduous.” ~ Dennis Lehane If you love to right, then right, then write, write, and write some more.✒️ Writers’ Wisdom ~ Do You Love to Write?

Puppy Power

On Saturday my husband and I gave in to the gnawing aches for a fur baby. We had agreed it was time to open our home to satisfy our hearts. However, that was not the motive which led us to a local flea market. Our cousin (his side) was looking for cooking pan and we…