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Learning to Trust Yourself After Gaslighting

This is the most comforting thing I’ve read in my search for answers.

Don't Lose Hope

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People experiencing gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and unable to trust themselves … Gaslighting often develops gradually, making it difficult for a person to detect.”[1]

Gaslighting occurs when there’s betrayal, abuse, or we’re living with a narcissistic partner or spouse.

Common symptoms of gaslighting include the following:

  • Feeling disoriented and confused; not knowing what is true and what isn’t true; questioning your understanding of reality; questioning your memory of events

  • Wondering if you’re crazy

  • Feeling anxious about making decisions, even very simple decisions

  • Constantly second guessing yourself; always wondering if ‘you got it wrong’

  • Constantly asking yourself if you are far are too thin-skinned and sensitive; feeling like you need to apologize all the time for who you are or what you say and do

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The Space Between Our Scars

The space between our scars was always meant to open up the light….. into our darkened fragments, never to leave us alone wondering. It was always light bending to make us whole. Poetry and Image Copyright © 2020 ancient skies Note: Influenced by Rumi but the poem is mine.The Space Between Our Scars